About us

Cumpar ce Vreau

It is a site that wants to sell various products that customers can buy for their quality and not necessarily for the price.

The varied range of items spans a wide range of domains: from household appliances, gifts, clothes, jewelry and much, much more. We want to satisfy all the requirements of our clients and to perpetuate a collaboration in the medium or long term.

Our strengths are:

  • Top products
  • The best customer service
  • Extended product warranties

Our team

We are a team formed 20 years ago whose priority is to offer professional services in the collaboration relationship with clients

Buy What I Want presents itself to you with a new online store concept that strives to surprise with quality and varied products. We collaborate with fast courier companies that can cover the entire country as delivery destinations. We want every customer to be delivered the product quickly and safely.


The "Buy what I want" concept is related to the freedom to choose and opt for the products you think suit you. Our store presents top models, t-shirts, caps as well as other personalized products that you can wear with pleasure. The originality of the messages will surprise you and make you tell your friends. Call on our services and products with confidence because their quality is a perfect balance between quality and price. You can make online orders from all over the country without worrying that your area is not covered.